ClothFX 3.0 Documentation

 Begin by adding a tearing system to your object.

You will be provided with a user-friendly UI.

 You can preview any changes by clicking on the eye icon

 Change the number of cuts & randomize generation using the seed paramater.

Tearing Types



Edge Strips

Smooth out edges by enabling irregular tears & add detail with edge strips.

Enable self collision & add subdivision to increase detail.

With the inflate tool, you can explode any object. Just Enable & prepare to press the POP! button.

Change length with start & end paramaters.

Enable Dynamics to make simulation non-static & easily pin your objects.


Baking is done afterwards. Once you feel satisfied with your simulation, you can go ahead a press Bake.

By clicking on Free Bake(icon only) right next to the Bake button, you can clear current cache bake.


Once you have baked your simulation, you can export its mesh cache sequence. Just choose start and end frames.

Once you have chosen where to export, click on Import, & your exported mesh cache will import automatically.

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